Acupuncture For Infertility is an Increasingly Popular Option

Chinese medicine considers that medical conditions, ailments and dis-eases are caused by interruptions or blockages to the natural energy flow (the chi) around the body. Acupuncture is a form of treatment which harmonizes and reorders this natural flow thus treating the problem. It does this by inserting fine needles at any of the 400 energy points located in the body to realign the natural energy flow along any of the 20 energy channels. These needles are manipulated, thus bringing the natural energy back into alignment and rebalancing the body.Although this treatment has been around in China for over 4000 years, it only really came to the United States in the 1970’s, where it has successfully been used to treat a number of conditions including infertility.

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Acupuncture for infertility seems to work best when the reasons for infertility functional, such as endometriosis, ovulatory problems, or hormonal imbalances. This is because it rebalances the body, including regulating hormone levels, and delivering increased blood flow to the vital organs. Acupuncture and infertility is not a suitable treatment where structural problems requiring surgery, like blocked tubes, are the cause of infertility.Also, great results are obtained when acupuncture is used in conjunction with conventional treatments such as IVF. Studies have shown that women who use acupuncture with IVF have a 30% greater chance of becoming pregnant than those who don’t.Acupuncture for infertility can also help men. Low sperm counts, poor sperm morphology (size and shape of sperm), and poor sperm motility (movement of the sperm) are all currently treated by acupuncture.

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If you are considering acupuncture for infertility, it goes without saying that you need to find a qualified practitioner, but it is also important to remember to find one who specializes in acupuncture for infertility. Also you need to be aware that acupuncture is not a one-off treatment, it is an ongoing course that can last from six to twelve weeks. But as a treatment for infertility, it is well worth considering, so much so that the American Pregnancy Organization now recommends it as a treatment, and some health insurers will cover the cost or part of the cost of treatment.

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